Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everybody had a great holiday with family and food and all that! I hung out with my mother all day. We got to play some music together which was nice. She played piano and I played bass. We played some Elvis songs and other various things from the 70s songbooks she has so many of.

After that we hung out and my Uncle David came over and we got to catch up with him which was nice. We ate and got stuffed and hung and talked for awhile, then Mom and I watched Cast Away with Tom Hanks which I enjoyed. Later we watched some Jerry Seinfeld comedy stuff that was funny until we both passed out.

Lots of interesting discoveries and happenings this week with music and business. The big news is that the new Music4Life website launched finally. Special huge thanks to Bryan Chaney who designed it and made it beautiful.

The other big news is that we are now on and I know that will lead to many good things and more new friends to have fun with. Special thanks to Cindy Elley & Angie Fenn who have been providing great service to me.

I got linked in to Last.FM this week, so you can see what I have been listening to and top 10 chart for the week. It’s very cool and so far I love it!

Looking into setting up a Music4Life podcast and trying to figure out which provider might work best to host it. Looking at LibSyn and also Podomatic, which I am already using every Sunday at Unity Center.

Monday morning, had my first recording session with Sister Lissie. She has a great song called Just One that we began laying a track for. I’m excited to be working with her as we have worked together at Unity for about 4 years already.

Had rehearsal on Wednesday night at Unity to begin preparing for a Christmas performance on December 18th which I will be playing 2 songs in. Very challenging stuff to play!

Special thanks to the German Cowboy, Sylvester Becker for all the great ideas in our coaching session this week and keeping me up to speed on new Web 2.0 developments. I think we must be geek brothers! LOL

More on the recent post about Level 42…I also found former drummer Phil Gould on MySpace and his blog postings are very articulate and insightful and reveal many of his thoughts about songwriting and his time in the band. The new music he is producing is really great too! Check him out: Phil Gould.

Beyonce has the top song on iTunes today with Irreplaceable. Saw her for a moment on Oprah this week promoting her new movie Dreamgirls which looks like it will be good.

Tomorrow it’s a wedding for Velincia and Breyon at Angel Springs Events Center in Georgetown which I am really looking forward to. Should be a funky good time and I’m looking forward to working with Norma who I met at a networking event recently.

All for now. Have a good weekend!


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