Level Headed… Still!

So imagine my surprise this week to get a friend request on MySpace from one of my all-time favorite keyboard players; Wally Badarou! He found me by searching in my musical influences and it made my day for sure!

He has been an insiration to me since the 80s. He has played with the Talking Heads, Grace Jones, Black Uhuru and many others folks, most notably for me he was the 5th memeber of an English pop band Level 42, who you may remember for their big hit Something About You which blew up here in ’85. After linking up with Wally I decided to do some more digging and see what the rest of the band has been up to as I have been out of touch with their works for awhile. Their last studio album was released in ’94 and I was fortunate to get a copy while in London that year and even got to visit their management office. I did some digging and found out that they had a new album out called Retroglide, which I received in the post from today. I have listened to almost all of it and the grooves are deep and the melodies beautiful as usual for Level 42, not to mention Mark King’s incredibly funky basslines. Grab it on if you want.

Level 42 pianist Mike Lindup also has a new jazz album out that features him on solo piano and it is beautiful. Click the link and listen to the samples.

On a related note, I have have been playing a new version of Something About You, by an American R&B singer named Anthony David that is excellent!

Amazing how one band can have such an influence on so many people with the music they make. Thank you to all the members of Level 42 for such awesome quality music!


“forever now
as the world goes round and round
one eternal moment in time
to live forever
live forever now”
Level 42 “Forever Now”

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