New Music Moving Me!

A couple CDs I am excited about today.

James Hunter’s album, People Gonna Talk is like taking a journey back to the 50s when RnB was quite different from how it is today. All live instrumentation and crisp recording. James is an English soul singer and I can’t wait to turn my father on to it. Very nice!

Another new thing a friend turned me on to is a French artist named Jehro (pronounced ZHE-ro). His self-titled album is really a breath of fresh air for me. He is a Frenchman who moved to London and soaked up the sounds of reggae and soul around him and his created his own sound from those influences. I hear Bob Marley influences, with sweet vocals, some in Spanish too. Acoustic soul vibes!

One of my MySpace friends posted some new songs to iTunes today and I quite like them as well. The group name is Ror-Shak from Brooklyn and their sound is smooth pop and electronic with Julee Cruise on vocals. Similar sound to Zero 7.

Check them out and enjoy some fresh new sounds!


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