Programming With Heart

“At the end of the day there’s ONE thing only to our craft… and that’s programming, what you play and when you play it. Energy and vibe are a funny thing and no matter how well you mix or EQ or whatever, you play the wrong song and you’ll kill a room. No amount of technical ability (laptop or otherwise) is going to save that.” –
Max Graham

I agree with Max that programming is very important. I would add to that and say that you also need to have people skills. The ability to open your heart and connect to your audience is how you can really rock a room. I am thankful for my training with communication and coaching which I see has helped me to become a better DJ and human being. Service is the focus of my business and all of the projects I do AND having FUN. If I’m having fun, then everybody else wants to join the party and have fun too. Let me know how I can assist you in your event.


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