First off, congrats to Chi & Ben who got married last Saturday night at Villa Antonia. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was fun. Special thanks to Michaya at Villa Antonia for all her help with coordinating and making the evening flow smoothly. They have a beautiful venue out in Lake Travis and I can’t wait to play there again.

Had a cool video shoot at the beginning of the month at ACC Pinnacle. We were on the sattelite live for 5 hours. I assisted with audio and ran camera. Special thanks to director John Breed and floor manager Pam Harper for doing a great job holding it together. Here’s a picture of the whole crew:






I did a great party for Midway on the 1st at Iron Cactus on 6th street that was a blast. Played so many different styles of music and they loved it all.

Special bigup to Yolanda B who has been working with me doing radio spots for her comedy shows at Texas 1115. She is becoming quite an announcer!

Over at KAZI, we are training for a new computer system that is to be implemented next week. It is going to be very exciting as we will be able to voice-track our shows in advance if we want to. I know it is going to take the station to another level too. Special thanks to our manager Steve Savage for making it happen and also to James Davis for putting all the gear together.

Other projects happening lately: transferred Adrienne’s website to a new server, continued production with Sister Lissie on her album, recorded a new song with Anne Pizarro  called Breathless, rehearsing with the Unity choir for our performance this Sunday morning, getting ready to announce the date and location of the next Austin Breaking Ground. Here is one of the pictures that we got in this week from the fall edition, special thanks to Emily for her great work:







Friday will be another dance for Fulmore Junior High. Coming up this week: Thursday, my 2nd Christmas party for Work Source Career Center. Later that night, Catch A Fire at Flamingo Cantina…the Final Bash as this will be our last time to do this at Flamingo. Saturday, a party with the folks from Austin All Natural Magazine.

Look for the new podcast launching this week too! We will link it here, so check back here for more info.

Hope your holiday season is going great! All for now!!!


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