Taking a minute to reflect on the very full weekend as I listen to London Elektricity’s podcast

Early Friday night, I played drums at Unity Center in a benefit for the church. We did 24 songs that members had requested as dedications over the previous 3 weeks. Even though I did not play all of them, it was very challenging, learning the songs in such a short time. We did some country, jazz, R&B, and even a reggae tune. Bill Whiz was the mastermind who kept us all from losing our minds as it came together. Special thanks to Larry Harms for stepping up and playing basslines as we could not find a bass player. Props also to Tommy, Tina, Cheryl, Rev. Jill, Becky, and Joy who all brought their magic to the evening. Oh and thanks to Mom for coming out too!

After that, I flew down to Flamingo Cantina on 6th street for another edition of Catch A Fire with Jah Ray & Q45. Turnout was slightly off, maybe due to the cold. We had a great time though and the vibes were nice with the music, especially the ‘tune for tune’ session at the end of the night. Thanks to Victor for help on the sound as always. We will take the month of November off and return on December 15th.

Saturday night, I played the wedding ceremony and reception for Bob & Natalie at Kali-Kate in Buda. The ceremony touched me as usual. I just love to see people get married! I’ve been hearing about this venue for awhile and was glad to finally experience the place. It’s an outdoor pavillion and very spacious. The horses are great too. Special thanks to Cindy & Blain of Kali-Kate for their help and also thanks to the wedding coordiantors: Emily, Jerre, and Mandy of Something to Celebrate for helping to keep the evening flowing and the timing perfect on the ceremony. While loading out, the final adventure of the night was watching the groomsmen break into a car trunk with a crowbar! Somebody had locked their keys in the trunk.

Sunday, did my usual sound gig at Unity and taking it easy for the rest of the day, aside from working on the Music4Life vision board.

Here is my schedule this week:
Monday – KAZI 88.7 FM – 1-3 pm – RJ’s R&B
Tuesday – KAZI 88.7 FM – 6-10pm – Dad Show & Reggae Evolution
Wednesday – Flamingo Cantina – Project Life Capoeira Benefit
Thursday – 6:30pm – Open House at San Michele in Buda. Come talk to us about our services.
Friday – Threads Of Change party
Saturday – PrintGlobe party

Wishing all of you the best in life and love!


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