Weekend Update

So we did Catch A Fire at Flamingo last night and had a great time. I did a hop-hop set that went over very well. We met afterwards for some food. We had a tailgate party in the parking lot and even pulled out the table we had used on the gig. OMG, it was hilarious @ 3am!

Today I am going to the Tribe CD release and then a meeting at 4:00 with my fellow KAZI webmaster to talk about the site and moving it forward.

Later this evening, I’m off to run sound at Ruta Maya down south.

Life is great!


There is a place in the HEART
where THOUGHTS become WISHES

and WISHES become DREAMS.

It’s a place where anything is possible

if we only BELIEVE.

There are 6 things to believe in

for a happy, successful life:

Believe in your FAITH…
Believe in your LOVE…

Believe in your GOALS…

Believe in your FAMILY…

Believe in your FRIENDS…
And most importantly, Believe in YOURSELF!

If you believe in these 6 things

You can’t go wrong.

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