Kelly Blue Testimonial

In the chaos that is wedding planning, and through the endless nights of wedding nightmares, I had one guarantee of the special day (other than being sure my fiance was ‘the one’) and that was that the reception would go off without a hitch – all due to RJ. He is the nicest, most well-mannered, caring and fun individual and we absolutely loved working with him. My parents raved about how nice he was – he actually cares enough to send you 10 revised playlists to make sure they meet your needs. He is creative and offered CJ and I fun reception add on’s like walk out songs for each of our wedding party. Our reception was anything other than expected and it’s in large part to RJ. His sound quality is amazing, his interaction with guests is phenomenal and he really made CJ and I feel like we were the ONLY wedding he had the entire year. He made us feel special and he made the reception unforgettable.

Kelly Blue

Big thanks to Kelly at MyMintPhotography for sending the photos to us. I really enjoyed working with her that day. Visit the StyleMePretty website to see the rest of them.


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